Removal of top rails, top caps, old liner and the skimmer and return. Installation of new liner, wrinkles pushed out and installation of skimmer and return.

    We will hook up filter system if it is in place and hoses attached. We do not warranty leaks on filter systems because we did not install the filter and it can not be water tested. We offer for the pool bottom to be rolled with our roller for an additional $30. This is per your discretion and no warranty on pool bottom is set forth.


    Wall foam and cove install.
    Wall Foam. $75.00
    Armor shield. $25.00

    Any additional charges are explained below.

    In order for installation of a new liner, the liner must be 100% drained of water. Failure to have the water completely bone dry will result in a $40 return trip charge. Also, your installation will be replaced with the next available installation date.

    We recommend replacing all gaskets as well as replacing the skimmer and return at the time of your new liner install. The pool coping if you have a hangover liner must be replaced.
    These parts must be on-site at the time of install or a possible return trip fee will be charged, and or liner replacement will have to be rescheduled for the next available date.

    Due to the age of your pool and the fact that plastic parts get brittle due to the sun and pool chemicals, installers will be very careful when working on the pool, but you must be aware that sometimes parts break, crack, and bend including parts made of plastic, metal, etc. You fully understand that the installer nor B&T Installations will be responsible for any damaged parts due to the reasons outlined above.

    If a pool has a pre-existing deck there may be additional charges that will be quoted on site if the deck causes additional work to be done.

    All screws must be able to be removed without deck boards or anything else in the way. We are not carpenters and we will not and do not trim, cut, or disassemble decks. If this type of work is required you will need to hire a carpenter and reschedule the install.

    If the installer encounters rusted screws and cannot remove the screws, he will either quote additional charges for the labor or give you the option to remove them and reschedule install.You will also have to supply new screws.

    The installer will do a quick walk around prior to the install. Installers are all very well trained to look for any issues they might see with your pool which might require a new pool. These issues can be things such as rusted parts, holes in pool wall, rusted and compromised skimmer or return cut outs, etc. Sometimes the old liner will have to be cut out to further investigate.

    Installer and B&T Installations are not responsible for the liner or any parts if it is determined that the new liner cannot be installed.

    A trip charge of $35.00 will be charged if the liner cannot be installed.

    We are here to install the pool liner. Pool bottoms are at it's most solid state since all the water weight has been pressing on the earth. Typically we do not disturb the bottom for that reason. If the pool bottom needs to be reworked the installer will discuss this with you and notify you if there will be any additional charges.

    New sand does not need to be added unless there was a washout or something to that effect. If sand is needed the customer is to supply sand. Adding additional sand takes away from the depth of the pool and could cause wrinkles or sag in the liner. B&T Installations nor the installer will be held responsible for damage to the pool due to acts of nature such as sudden storms, wind, hail or rain etc.

    We do not haul away the old liner. We will cut liner into pieces and place in a neat pile. Pools that have backfill around the pool edge have a chance to cave in once the pool is drained. We recommend you pull back all backfill and or rocks. Failure to do this could result in the cave in of the pool wall, which would require additional work and charges, as well as damage to the pool. It is 100% your decision if you wish to pull back backfill. B&T Installations and the installer holds no liability in this decision.

    To install the liner correctly we need at least 2 inches of water for the pool bottom so we can set the liner. It is the customer's responsibility to have a source of water and a hose at the time of install. Failure to have this prepared can result in a return trip charge of $35.

    Due to faulty installation and if the pool needs to be drained due to our error, water will only be replaced at city water prices. We do and will not reimburse for the pool to be filled by a water truck. Not to exceed $250.00.

    By signing this, I accept and I am agreeing to the charges and terms above and agree to pay in full by cash only unless already paid thru the store.


      The first 6 inches of excavation is included in the installation price. This only applies to virgin (untouched) ground.

      The 6 inches will not apply if Someone has attempted to level the ground themselves. (Attempting to dig out any portion of the site).
      The site is a previous site that isn't level
      The site is a previous smaller site that needs to be widened.
      Any situations that are listed above Will be quoted on site by the excavator before any work will be done.

      Homeowner Responsibilities:

      Pool location :
      The Homeowner must call 811 prior to any dig to make sure there are no underground utilities prior to installing. This should be done prior to purchasing the pool so there is no need to return the product. It is the homeowner's responsibility to figure out the pool location where there are no lines underground or any other issues such as trees, roots, concrete etc. And that the pools site is within setback requirements. We will need at least 6 full feet of access to get our machine back to where the pool is going to be installed. We do not take down or remove any fences, shrubs, trees or any other object that is in the way. All of this must be done prior to the excavation crew arriving. Failure to have it done prior to arrival will result in the excavation being rescheduled to the next available date. The Homeowner must have adequate room for the excavated dirt to be piled within 15 foot of the site being excavated. The dirt excavated is piled within 15 feet of pool location. We do not haul dirt away. Depending on the depth of excavation, sometimes there will be a large pile of dirt to contend with after completion of the excavation. Sometimes multiple dump truck loads. We recommend you put an ad on Craigslist for free fill and most of the time you can get rid of it that way. B&T Installations nor the excavation crew will be held responsible for any damage done to underground pipes, lines, septic tanks, cisterns, footers, electrical lines, driveways, walkways, patio stones etc. It is the homeowner's responsibility to make sure the excavation crew has a clear way to get back to the pool site and that there are no issues to do the excavation. There is no way for us to know what's under your ground. Due to not being able to know what's under the ground, sometimes we may run into hardpan, shale, underground aquifer etc. Situations like this will be quoted on site if our crew thinks they can fix the problem. Any extra charge would be quoted on site.

      There are instances where you might have to move the pool's location at your expense or hire an outside contractor with different machinery to get it completed at your expense. Having to haul in clean fill or not being able to install the pool at all are very real possibilities.

      Any excavation with an 8-inch grade or above, it is recommended to install a French drain around the high side of the pool. Also, the pool will need to be backfilled all the way around the pool, or at least high enough to cover the bottom track. This should not be done until the pool is at least half full of water to prevent the wall from caving in. We recommend at least 3 inches high of sand, clean fill or river rock. This is the homeowner's responsibility.

      Any damage done such as cove washouts, etc. are not covered under any warranty. We can only excavate the ground the best we can with what the ground and area of pool site allows. We do not guarantee a perfect round excavation site nor a perfect cut slope if there is extensive grading to be done. We are not landscapers and additional work will need to be done after the pool install is complete. This is not limited to removal or spreading of excavated dirt, shaping up the slope to or spreading of excavated dirt, shaping up the slope to create a uniformed slope, replanting grass, removal of rocks and debris excavated, spreading of sand left over from pool installation and landscaping etc.

      The excavation crew uses a machine that is close to 10,000 lbs unloaded. Due to the weight of this machine your yard will get marked up, with tracks, torn up grass, etc. There is no way around it and if the ground is wet the result is worse. After excavation, you will have damage to your yard you will have a pile of dirt to get rid of which may contain rocks, shale, coal etc., and there will be landscaping you will need to do around your pool once it's installed.

      We do not haul dirt away.

      We do not load dirt in trailers or dump trucks due to liability issues. In some instances, if you have the room the excavator can spread the dirt around the yard to make it disappear or shuttle it a further distance than 15 feet for an extra charge if time allows. This charge would be quoted on site prior to excavation.

      By signing this excavation sheet I am stating that I fully understand and agree to all the terms above and it was discussed with me prior to the excavation.



        The Installer is responsible for the proper installation of the swimming pool. The parties agree that each will assume the obligation and responsibilities set forth hereafter. Many matters have to do with your property and only you can make the decisions. We want to minimize the problems and be sure that you are satisfied.


        1. OWNERSHIP AND ZONING: Buyer warrants that he owns and until the pool is fully paid for, will continue to own the premises where the pool has been or is to be installed; further, that there are no zoning limitations or building or deed restrictions preventing the performance of this Contract.
        2. PERMITS: The Buyer agrees to apply, pay for, obtain and deliver before construction begins, any necessary building and related permits.
        3. DELAYS: Installation price subject to change if Buyer delays agreed starting date for installation by more than fifteen (15) days.
        4. POOL LOCATION: The Buyer will stake out the location of the pool and is solely responsible for making certain that the location does not violate building restrictions such as setback, or side line guides, utility lines or other zoning, swimming pool or construction ordinances or regulations of the state or local authorities.
        5. ADDITIONAL CHARGES: The Buyer represents that the ground in the pool area may be excavated by tractor type back hoe and agrees that should hard pan, caliche, rock or other material, sand, water, water table or surface water or water seepage be encountered in the excavation requiring the use of stone base, pump, compressor or blasting material, the extra cost will be paid by the Buyer.
        6. SITE PREPARATION: Buyer will clear and prepare site for the pool, including removal or protection of trees or other vegetation, fences, pipes, or pipeline or other improvements affected by this construction. If Buyer desires that such work be performed by the installer, the costs of labor and material required will be paid by the Buyer. Should quicksand be encountered, all operation shall cease and this Contract shall be cancelled and Buyer will assume and pay all costs incurred by Installer to date.
        7. ACCESS: Buyer will provide access to the pool site for delivery of the pool and necessary equipment, including a tractor type back hoe and necessary adjustments and
          the Installer shall not be responsible for any direct, consequential or incidental damages incurred through the use of such access.
          1. WATER: Buyer will fill the pool with water in stages required for construction. Any delays will result in an additional charger at the hourly rate of $35.00 per hour.
            Buyer is responsible for all necessary plumbing.
          2. If pool must be drained due to installation error, water will only be removed at city water prices, and or no more than $350.00.
        8. KEEP POOL FILLED WITH WATER: The buyer will keep the pool filled with water at all times and will comply fully with the Installations Manual. NOTE: THE WALLS WILL COLLAPSE IF WATER IS DRAINED OR IN ANY WAY REMOVED FROM THE POOL.
        9. ELECTRICITY: Buyer will provide for and pay all cost of electrical wiring and grounding.
        10. ACCELERATION OF PAYMENT: In the event that the Buyer transfers or encumber the premises upon which the pool is installed or any part thereof, or should said premises or any part thereof be destroyed or damaged by fire or otherwise, or the Buyer shall default in the performance of their obligations under this Contract, the entire unpaid balance hereunder shall become due and payable forthwith.
        11. INSURANCE: Buyer shall be responsible for and carry liability insurance for any consequential or contingent damages including but not limited to any damage or injury to any person or property other than the gross negligence of Installer or Installer’s agents.

          TO BRIEFLY SUMMARIZE, the following items shall be supplied by and/or shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer; location, grading, fill, charge of grade, landslide, settling of land, landscaping, concrete work, side-walks, fencing, lawns, shrubbery, driveways or patios, electrical wiring and grounding, drains around the pool area, plumbing, building permits, zoning and zoning changes.


        1. INSTALLATION: Installer agrees to install the swimming pool in a good and workmanlike manner subject to the fulfillment of the Buyer’s responsibilities under this Contract.
          1. Installer warrants the swimming pool installation job against defects in installation for a period of ninety (60) days from the date of the original completion of the installation of the swimming pool.
          2. This warranty extends to the original pool owner only.
          3. No claim may be filed under this warranty and no obligation to make adjustments hereunder will accrue while the Buyer is in default of payment or other responsibilities set forth herein.
          4. The swimming pool and all materials, assemblies or units such as filters, liner, heater, pumps, motors, etc. and standard fittings or accessories purchased by the Buyer for use in connection with the swimming pool are subject to and carry the manufacturer’s warranty only.
          5. Sand and pool cushion bottoms for pools will have some distortions such as lumps, waves and slight wrinkles in the liner due to the nature of your ground. The Installer is not responsible to warrant such occurrences.


        D. REMEDIES: The Buyer’s sole and exclusive remedy against the Installer shall be for the repair of any defect in installation as provided for above. No other remedy, including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages shall be available to Buyer.

        E. FORCE MAJEURE: The period of time during which the Installer is delayed or prevented from installing the swimming pool due to circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to, labor disputes, fire, explosion, floods, acts of God, breakdown of machinery, governmental prohibitions or regulations, inability or difficulty in obtaining materials, inclement weather conditions or other conditions beyond the Installer’s control shall be added to the Installer’s time for performance, and the Installer shall have no liability by reason thereof.

        F. COMPLETIONS OF INSTALLATION: Use of the swimming pool by the Buyer, his family or guests shall constitute conclusive evidence that the swimming pool is in all respects satisfactory and that the installation has been fully and satisfactorily completed.

        G. NO REPRESENATIONS: This contract constitutes the final expression of the agreement between Buyer and the Installer and is a completed and exclusive statement of that agreement. All prior dealings, conversations, negotiations, agreements and understanding of every kind, nature and description have been merged and are superseded by this Contract, and no representations, warranty or understanding of any kind exists or shall be binding on either party unless incorporated in writing in this Contract.


        IN WITNESS WHEREOF, and intending to be legally bound hereby the parties hereto have executed this Contract the day and year written opposite their names below.


          By signing this completion form I am confirming all of the above and agreeing that my pool was installed satisfactorily and complete.