Removal of top rails, top caps, old liner and the skimmer and return. Installation of new liner, wrinkles pushed out and installation of skimmer and return.

    We will hook up filter system if it is in place and hoses attached. We do not warranty leaks on filter systems because we did not install the filter and it can not be water tested. We offer for the pool bottom to be rolled with our roller for an additional $30. This is per your discretion and no warranty on pool bottom is set forth.


    Wall foam and cove install.
    Wall Foam. $75.00
    Armor shield. $35

    Any additional charges are explained below.

    In order for installation of a new liner, the liner must be 100% drained of water. Failure to have the water completely bone dry will result in a $40 return trip charge. Also, your installation will be replaced with the next available installation date.

    We recommend replacing all gaskets as well as replacing the skimmer and return at the time of your new liner install. The pool coping if you have a hangover liner must be replaced.
    These parts must be on-site at the time of install or a possible return trip fee will be charged, and or liner replacement will have to be rescheduled for the next available date.

    Due to the age of your pool and the fact that plastic parts get brittle due to the sun and pool chemicals, installers will be very careful when working on the pool, but you must be aware that sometimes parts break, crack, and bend including parts made of plastic, metal, etc. You fully understand that the installer nor B&T Installations will be responsible for any damaged parts due to the reasons outlined above.

    If a pool has a pre-existing deck there may be additional charges that will be quoted on site if the deck causes additional work to be done.

    All screws must be able to be removed without deck boards or anything else in the way. We are not carpenters and we will not and do not trim, cut, or disassemble decks. If this type of work is required you will need to hire a carpenter and reschedule the install.

    If the installer encounters rusted screws and cannot remove the screws, he will either quote additional charges for the labor or give you the option to remove them and reschedule install.You will also have to supply new screws.

    The installer will do a quick walk around prior to the install. Installers are all very well trained to look for any issues they might see with your pool which might require a new pool. These issues can be things such as rusted parts, holes in pool wall, rusted and compromised skimmer or return cut outs, etc. Sometimes the old liner will have to be cut out to further investigate.

    Installer and B&T Installations are not responsible for the liner or any parts if it is determined that the new liner cannot be installed.

    A trip charge of $35.00 will be charged if the liner cannot be installed.

    We are here to install the pool liner. Pool bottoms are at it's most solid state since all the water weight has been pressing on the earth. Typically we do not disturb the bottom for that reason. If the pool bottom needs to be reworked the installer will discuss this with you and notify you if there will be any additional charges.

    New sand does not need to be added unless there was a washout or something to that effect. If sand is needed the customer is to supply sand. Adding additional sand takes away from the depth of the pool and could cause wrinkles or sag in the liner. B&T Installations nor the installer will be held responsible for damage to the pool due to acts of nature such as sudden storms, wind, hail or rain etc.

    We do not haul away the old liner. We will cut liner into pieces and place in a neat pile. Pools that have backfill around the pool edge have a chance to cave in once the pool is drained. We recommend you pull back all backfill and or rocks. Failure to do this could result in the cave in of the pool wall, which would require additional work and charges, as well as damage to the pool. It is 100% your decision if you wish to pull back backfill. B&T Installations and the installer holds no liability in this decision.

    To install the liner correctly we need at least 2 inches of water for the pool bottom so we can set the liner. It is the customer's responsibility to have a source of water and a hose at the time of install. Failure to have this prepared can result in a return trip charge of $35.

    Due to faulty installation and if the pool needs to be drained due to our error, water will only be replaced at city water prices. We do and will not reimburse for the pool to be filled by a water truck. Not to exceed $250.00.

    By signing this, I accept and I am agreeing to the charges and terms above and agree to pay in full by cash only unless already paid thru the store.